17 Dec

Why start a business or personal brand?

Everyone’s just going to die, anyway, so what’s the point…


If you are ambitious enough to be interested in branding yourself online, you’re probably also educated so much that you have already been indoctrinated into hopeless philosophical materialism.  Intelligent people tend to believe they are doomed to have their existence end when the body dies.   So, nothing really matters, and nothing has lasting significance.  But I promote brands because I believe in the conscious being that springs into existence.

Tell a friend. Tell your parents. There is no need to be nihilistic.  Scientists like Peter Russel and Rupert Sheldrake have been calling attention to their observation that consciousness seems to be more fundamental than matter.  It seems that the nature of this universe is that I exist in it.  I spring into existence. I don’t know for sure whether the material world is real (although physicists say subatomic particles flash in and out of existence). 


Look, it’s a tragedy if your children and friends deeply believe in the idea that they will be annihilated when the body dies.  How can you expect them to live a normal life if that is what they believe?  And it is you who have taught them to believe in their own annihilation. You taught them by believing it yourself. Does that really seem likely to you?  Here you are.  That is what I know.

Why try to improve the world when you believe your existence will end when the body dies?  If all humanity is just pathetic little temporary beings, then what is the point?  If you believe in philosophical materialism, then what is the point? I remember when I was too young to even understand nihilism.  Hopelessness is something people don’t really understand until they succumb to it. But it’s an illusion!  And we can be the ones who help people wake up from that terrifying dream.

Let’s not be existentially naïve. Something inexplicably began existing, and it might be this conscious being. Some people arrive at an insight that human beings are all one consciousness; they feel connected with one another, and all people feel empathy toward others. There is a kind of interconnectedness, and we all are basically shaped the same, too.  We live these lives, searching for love and exploring the unknown.

We’re like one being split into multiplicity.


Philosophical materialism is an assumption that matter is what somehow started existing, and then some of it “came to life” like Frosty the Snowman.  I don’t buy it.


Philosophical materialism is the basis for the tough-minded idea that consciousness ends when the body dies.  But it is not weak-minded to consider the possibility that a conscious being is what sprang into existence.  It’s kind of ironic for a conscious being to read this and doubt the possibility of a conscious being springing into existence.


Nihilistic devotees of philosophical materialism think they represent the solemn voice of reason. They think they are correct just because the truth they choose is the most awful possibility.  They don’t realize, they are like the terrified person who makes everyone else fall into a panic.

They see clearly that there is no truth to the fairy-stories of biblical literalism, so they assume consciousness must be an accidental phenomenon.  Our grandparents were wrong to believe in a fairytale version of eternity, but that doesn’t mean we’re all doomed. Fairy-tale or doom is a false dichotomy.

Actually, the primacy of consciousness is plausible.  If you look at it honestly, you’ll agree.  Which is more likely: That a conscious being exists? (you know of at least one.) Or the notion that material is what inexplicably began existing and some of it ‘came to life’ like Frosty the Snowman?  Inorganic matter became organic matter and some of it evolved consciousness, even though evolutionary biologists can’t find any logical reason why the evolution of the universe should have ever involved any sentient, conscious awareness? Rocks could have continued colliding with one another in infinitely complex ways without any of the rocks ever taking form as human beings.




I believe in the primacy of consciousness, and I believe in the being that experiences life after life, because eternity is unfathomable. In philosophy, it’s called PHILOSOPHICAL IDEALISM, and it’s the set of assumptions that rejects philosophical materialism.  According to idealism, consciousness is a prerequisite that must exist in order for any material phenomena to exist.  There are plenty of examples to show that the human nervous system is able to perceive only a small sliver of all possible phenomena (humans cannot experience infrared, or radio waves, etc, but we know those things are all around us), so we can understand the world people experience as something constructed by their consciousness.  Consciousness exists, and it creates the world.  Physicalists/Materialists would argue that physical structures of the nervous system must exist in order for any conscious experience to be possible, but idealists would say consciousness is fundamental, and the nervous system is part of the dream.


I’m interested in improving the quality of collective human consciousness, because I think it’s MY consciousness.


Sometimes consciousness becomes like a nightmare.  People freeze to death, and torture one another, and die from preventable disease.  Other times, it becomes like heaven, sitting in a coffee shop with good music and a fast Internet connection. Everything is so nice sometimes.  Humans create either hell or heaven, and it depends on what we do in these lives we live.


The future of human consciousness is my future.  If you’re starting a brand that can brighten people’s lives, I want to work for you.


Every brand that represents work being done in an ethical way is a brand that improves the world — and improves the lives of the people who choose it over the other brands. Your brand becomes the best option for some customers or employers, so if you had not been available they would have settled for an option they didn’t like as much.  That means you’re improving people’s lives. When your brand is the best option for some people, so in that way it improves their lives.  When an employer/customer chooses my client’s brand, that means the brand had risen to a level where it was chosen over all competing brands and in that way it was the best.  It made the world a better place by being better than the other options.


In one of his lectures, Alan Watts says, “You don’t really believe — not really.” You don’t really believe, because at the current time in human history it has become fashionable for people to show their sharp intellect and strength-of-will by saying, “We are nothing but a cosmic coincidence!  Consciousness is accidental, and your existence ends when the body dies.” If anyone suggests a more optimistic possibility, that person is accused of wishful thinking.  The people with the most credibility are those tough-minded enough to assume the worst. And so, due to their credibility, the ones you believe the most are those who assume the worst.  Primitive people believed in an eternal soul centuries ago, but modern people think they know better.  Modern people think they have it all figured out.  Every generation has assumed they had it all figured out. Theologians of the late middle ages thought the ideas from the early middle ages were adorable, and just like every generation they felt smug, like they had it all figured out.


In modern times, just like every other generation, we feel like we have it all figured out.  But it’s very unlikely that this hopeless philosophical materialism is the correct way to understand reality.  We are not a very advanced civilization.  A few centuries ago, the scientific community was pretty sure the earth was the center of the universe. As recently as the 1920s, the scientific community thought the universe was static, steady, sitting in perfect stillness. In 1922 Alexander Friedmann was able to use some of Einstein’s equations to show us that the universe is expanding. Imagine how shocked and amazed they must have been to discover that it was expanding!  What madness is this if it’s expanding!

And did you know it wasn’t until the 1990s that we discovered the expansion of the universe was accelerating?  Prior to the 1990s, we had assumed the expansion was slowing down due to whatever resistance might exist out there.  But no! It seems to be expanding faster and faster? I remember a TED talk where the speaker said that would be like if you threw a ball up in the air expecting its ascent to slow and finally stop, but instead when you let go of the ball it just flies up into the sky faster and faster and faster!

So we turn our attention back to stories like Alice in Wonderland or Narnia, or the Land of Mordor, or any of that, and we realize none of it is nearly as weird as reality as it seems to actually be.  Even after mescaline and meditation and illness and love, even after experiencing something that seemed like perfect wholeness and the best of every possible world, I still stayed secretly in doubt.  But how could I continue to doubt?  Look at how obvious it is. It’s the nature of this little cluster of solar systems that I exist in it.

What does it mean to face the truth?  The body dies.  But look at how the body rose up out of this in the first place. I animated it and took form, like Terminator 2.  I am something that rises up out of the world.  You are like one of the heads on a multiheaded monster. How many heads are on this thing? How many centers are there to this thing?

See how the One splits into so many perspectives, experiencing self and other now.  See how all criticism is self-criticism and all gentleness is gentleness with oneself.  See how the powerful are the meek.  See that the person is part of the planet.  As Alan Watts observed in one of his lectures thousands of which you can find online, this planet peoples the way an apple tree apples.  Let’s not be existentially naïve. I am not the rotten fruit that falls and decomposes in the soil.

You can try to achieve lofty goals, like world peace and cures for illnesses, but you can also improve the world by making your own brand as good as it can be.  The whole point of striving for world peace and cures for illness is so that people can enjoy great products and services.  Brands like yours add interest to collective human experience.  Everyone who enjoys your work or your products will feel uplifted, because you uplift them.  And in turn, they make other people feel uplifted.  This is the way you can improve the world with a truly inspired brand.


Maybe achieving excellence for your brand seems like a very modest way to improve the world, but there is no limit to how many people you can reach if you promote your brand online.


Businesses and brands are the creative achievements that make life worth living, and they make life interesting for all the living beings. If a conscious being exists, and that being experiences life after life because eternity is unfathomable, it’s possible that our decisions in this life affect the future of our experience, even after this life is over.  The best thing we can do in this life is create a great new brand that operates in ethical ways and makes the world a little more interesting, or a little less painful, for all of us.