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For information about how we can help you start your business or brand yourself online, email LetsDoIt@BossContent.net or text your EMAIL ADDRESS to (201)455-7250. Creating a business or branding yourself professionally is easier than you might think. We will build your brand by publishing useful content for your target audience.



BossContent is a ready to turn your ideas into valuable content for your target audience.


1.) Designers and IT professionals who know how to save you MONEY on web design, hosting, SSL certificate, logo design, and even promotional videos. These are people who I trust very much and who have been helping me for many years.


2.) Social media professionals who know how to keep it real and sell you only the amount of work that fits your budget. You can do your social media promotion yourself, but we have very efficient ways to maximize its effectiveness. We will treat you like a friend and find the best way to stay within your budget.


3.) Content writers who know how to start a conversation about your brand. Do you know the term “web presence”? It means something like this: What do people find when they search google for your brand name? If they find a lot of useful search results, they’ll start to trust you. If they see that you have a well-established website and recent social media posts, they will know you’re currently active and available.


TRIAL ($25)


Tell us about your idea. We’ll set things in motion. We will identify your target audience and write at least 200 words of excellent content with citations to empirical articles or other strong sources of information. You can use this content on your website, blog, LinkedIn page, FB business page, or any other social media.


The TRIAL is our opportunity to show you that we can build your brand in an intelligent, purposeful way – one article or video at a time.


• Example: If you’re branding yourself professionally as a Nurse in Manhattan, we can write an article about community health in New York State.

• Another example: If you’re selling an educational product, we will write articles about how parents can use the best new educational technologies to give their children an advantage.


Other services:


After the TRIAL, we can quote a price that includes everything necessary for achieving your goal. Then, we’ll show you some progress each week. It’s a good idea to have a website where you publish blog posts regularly, and then we’ll come up with social media posts based on the same theme we use in the blog posts. We can publish something every week, or every month, etc., whatever you like.


Create a logo and design a website (7 payments of $272)

Includes images, several hundred words of text content, logo design, and a professional email address. We’ll make a simple website with any pages you choose (i.e. HOME, ABOUT, BLOG, STORE, PORTFOLIO, CONTACT). The only other fee you’ll need to pay is $110 per year for hosting, SSL certificate, and your domain name.


LinkedIn Article with Image ($168)

Publish an article on LinkedIn every week or every month for $139. The article has 650 words and includes an image.


LinkedIn Article with Video ($238)

Same as above, but we’ll also include a simple screencast video to go with the article. It’s not expensive, because we don’t do a lot of video editing. All we do is fill each video with content that is truly useful, and we show helpful images as part of a short, 2-minute video presentation.


Blog post with image ($168)

Simple, keyword-rich blogpost with citations to empirical research articles or other strong sources. It will be better quality than most article on the Internet, because it will be based on recent information and include a list of references at the end.


Blog post with simple screencast video (2-minute video, $238)

Give people something to watch when they visit your page. We can create a video to go with your blog post, and then you can also use the same video on your YouTube channel. It’s good to have a YouTube channel with the same name as your brand. That way, people in your target market will see a lot of video results when they search for your brand name.


If you just want a video, and you don’t need an article to go with it, the price is a little lower. But it’s a better value if you order both, because you’ll get text content full of keywords that might be searched by people in your target audience.


Social Media Promotion (Name your price)

Name your price, and we’ll tell you how much we can do for that amount. Pay for social media promotion weekly, monthly, or every two weeks – whatever you like. We will set up a Facebook Business page, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts under your brand name. When someone searches google for your brand name, they will see a lot of recent, relevant content on your social media pages. This shows them that you’re a legit person to hire.


Something else? 

Whatever you need, we can probably make it happen. The BossContent writers & designers are ready to create great content based on your idea.