How to hire a talented social media manager.

20 May

Hire a social media manager whose content makes you feel energized and ready to take action.

An effective content writer or social media manager needs to be someone with a knack for language psychology. The first step to using language psychology is to evaluate the ingredients – the words and phrases you decide are the best for expressing an idea and getting the listener/reader to do what you want them to do.

Before you hire a social media manager to promote your brand, check her/his content to see if he chooses good “ingredients”. Words and phrases are the ingredients for text content. Like a chef selecting high-quality ingredients for a brilliant alchemy of flavor, a good social media manager will choose the best ingredients for content. Hire two social media managers, and they will each choose very different words/phrases to use when talking about your brand. They have a lot of options. Always hire the social media manager who writes with the right ingredients.

Here’s an example. The sentence below expresses a nice idea, but it feels like a punch in the stomach:

My colleagues are dying to meet you.

Some ingredients are just plain bad. If you’re trying to hire a social media manager to promote something online, you probably don’t want to hire a social media manager who brings everybody down by using a phrase like “my colleagues are dying”. There are plenty of better ingredients to choose instead.

My colleagues can’t wait to meet you.

This improved version has the magic phrase “can’t wait”, a perfectly balanced colloquial with staccato rhythm knocking at the door of the reader’s attention. However, maybe we could choose a word that is even better than ‘wait’, because ‘wait’ is not what we want the reader to do. We want the reader to take action. Nevertheless, “can’t wait” sounds nice.

My colleagues are so excited about meeting you.

Maybe this sentence is better, because the phrase ‘so excited’ is more uplifting than “can’t” and “wait”. But “so excited” is a little bit cliché, and it does not conjure any imagery in the mind. It is an unsubstantiated claim.  I almost prefer “can’t wait” just because I like the symmetry of the sound and that matter-of-fact staccato rhythm. And I guess I like the feeling of tension that comes from those two words — can’t and wait — used together.

Let’s improve the communication with better ingredients.

My colleagues keep talking about how cool it’s going to be when they meet you. I’ve never seen them so excited.

That new version has all nice ingredients. The subconscious mind responds to “my colleagues” “keep talking” “how cool” “meet you” “so excited”. These phrases all support the effort to lift the reader’s spirits. Mentioning that they “keep talking” about it is an example of the Language Psychology called “show, don’t tell,” because instead of telling the reader your colleagues are excited you are showing them an example to prove the excitement.  This new version even has some nice poetry in the phrase “seen them so”; the English language doesn’t get much nicer than “seen them so”.  And the claim that I have never seen them so excited gives this sentence the power of a superlative. It’s the most of something. It’s the ultimate of something.

Hire a social media manager who writes with the right ingredients.

Now let’s consider the way the idea to “write with the right ingredients” can help you hire a talented social media manager. Check out the social media manager’s website, and notice what building blocks s/he chooses. What kind of feeling do you get from their tagline and Home page text content? Is it snappy, compelling content? Is it concise and clear?

A good brand name and tag line will elicit some emotions from the reader. The BossContent brand uses a tagline, “Content is supposed to be fun.” This is an example of choosing ingredients that will elicit a pleasant feeling from the reader. It is a short sentence, simple, easy on the reader’s brain. And the simplicity makes the message more poignant: This is supposed to be fun!

Next, a little further down the page, the BossContent writers offer another idea for the site visitor to consider: “Start a conversation about your brand.” This message demonstrates to the reader that the website is operated by people who have deep insight into the nature of branding and marketing. It’s all about starting a conversation, isn’t it? Some people know this, so they will respond positively when they see that text. Others had never thought about social media marketing as “starting a conversation”, so they find it intriguing and gain valuable insight within seconds of arriving on the Home page.

Hire a talented social media manager who writes with the ingredients that give readers a good feeling.

The secret to hiring the right social media manager is this: The content that makes people take action (click over to visit your site, send you a message, make a purchase) is the content that gives them a good feeling. Everyone trusts their intuition and impulses more than they admit.