Saying goodbye to someone who is dying.

09 Apr


When someone you love is dying

And you’re trying to say goodbye

Feels like this happened before.

Here I am and there you are

Apart but not that far,

Apart but still together at the core.

Galaxies swirl. Cosmos unfurls.

The one I love and I

know how to rise into the world.

Rising like the tide, the waves keep rolling to the shore.

But life becomes a bore. My person is a chore.

Millions and millions and millions of years, stuck inside one never-ending tour?

Every person ends, but you and I are at the core.

Living little lives is the best we could hope for.

Here you are again! This time I love you even more.

You’re not going anywhere.  Where is there to go?

We rise into this world, self and other together,

I’ve loved you before, long ago and now more recently.

We always stay together. We travel the same road.

Laughing like children, little boys and girls.

The one I love and I know how to rise into the world.

Let’s be here together now. This is what life is like.

You’ve always been here, and you’re not going anywhere.