Internet marketing requires fresh, new content all the time. We keep costs low so you can invest in a few new articles or videos every week or month.


Videos $99-$299 So, how much do you think it costs to make a video? It depends on what kind of video you want. I work with people who make natural testimonials, animated explainer videos, spokesperson videos, and others in a way that keeps costs under control. We will always try to do what you request, but we do not claim to be able to accommodate *all* requests. Videos might turn out looking different from what you expected. But it will always be great content, and we’ll always try to keep the costs reasonable.


Articles $69-$169 (500-1000 words). We will write article written about you, or about the product/service you offer.  When someone publishes an article about you, that provides a lot of credibility.  We can write several articles about you, and we’ll also mention you in a video.  A few keyword articles, blog posts, and videos about you will create an impressive web presence to enhance your brand, or make you a stronger job candidate.

Reddit Marketing

Are you interested in Reddit as a source of customer traffic? Or maybe as a resource for professional networking? Well, it takes some creativity to promote yourself through reddit.  We need to take an indirect approach and use a lot of finesse.  We can promote your brand on reddit each week for as little as $65 per week.  There is never any obligation, and this is a very flexible kind of service so we can accommodate your preferences.  You will also need to be patient with us because Reddit marketing involves some trial & error.

Websites (starting at $288). We can create (if it’s available) Or we can create a website for your business. If you already have a website for your business, we can create ANOTHER WEBSITE that exists for the sole purpose of SENDING TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.

Content Creation Campaign ($69-$195 per week or more). Tell us about your business, and we’ll propose a Content Creation Campaign that includes a blog, several articles, a video, and (optional) craigslist/reddit/facebook marketing.

Many years ago, I read that craigslist was the 10th most popular website on the Internet. I don’t know how it ranks today, but I know I still use it. Some types of business can get a LOT of new customers through craigslist. I can advertise in multiple cities or post a lot of ads in your local area. In my own endeavors I found a lot of success through craigslist, and I think it’s because I really believed in it and had intuition about it. Why did I believe in it? Because I am the kind of person who looks on craigslist whenever I need anything. So, I know other people do, too.

Professional Bio/Profile (500 words, price varies, this ones expensive). If you’d like to get 300 words written, the price might be $88.  If you want your bio to be 500 words, we’ll probably quote a price around $145.  This is more expensive than most of our writing services. For other writing, like blog posts or keyword articles, we’ll write 300 words for $45.

Professional Resume Website (If you already have a resume, it costs $288 for a simple website to promote it.  It includes an email address, like: If you need us to update or write a resume, add $50-$100 to the price.