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“[F]or every unique talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, that is the spark that creates affluence.”
--Deepak Chopra

Moment of Legitimacy

Getting Started as a Freelance Warrior

I’m a writer-for-hire from Boston. I built a brand called "Boss Content". I’m sharing what I learned, because in my heart I believe every professional writer has a purpose, and right now my purpose is to get that eleven bucks. Come on, give it up. I need the money. Moment of Legitimacy will show you how to set up your web presence, post ads in the right places, bid on gigs through freelance websites, and start building a clientele.

If you’re reading this...

You’re probably the quirky, unusual kind of human that gets excited about the idea to work as a writer-for-hire. Get in on the ground level of this new digital age industry: Online Writing and Ghosting.

It only takes a minute to buy this book. It only takes a few days to start building your brand.Your brand will have stronger web presence in just a few days if you try some of the strategies in Moment of Legitimacy.

I like humans, and I especially like writers.

If you’re a writer, I like you. I want to share what I’ve learned about how to get paid gigs and enjoy the freelance life. Most importantly, I want you to pay me that eleven bucks. This is one of those times when you can do something creative to improve your life. People all over the world are struggling and need your help. Connect with them. Help them achieve their goals. If you don't buy the book, nothing will happen. If you buy the book, something will definitely happen.

Do you honestly believe you can make a living as a writer-for-hire? Believe it.

Boss Content has strong “web presence” so I can get as many writing gigs as I want. People feel confident about hiring me. My schedule stays full and I enjoy the awesome self-determination of the freelance life

You are a methodical thinker who will apply all these strategies, and it will certainly get you gigs. I know the things that are holding you back, because they held me back.

  • YES, you get both the PDF and the audiobook!

    If you buy Moment of Legitimacy, the audiobook version is included free. The audiobook has a lot of extra content, and it’s very different from the PDF. It might be best to listen to the audio first, and then use the PDF as a checklist to follow while you try some of the strategies.

    This book does not require a lot of time. You can read a few pages or listen to the audio each time you sit down to do some work on your brand. Building a brand is easy, and I’ll tell you exactly what to do.

  • Okay, but can I get anything else included free?

    Your purchase of this e-book includes a free round of email correspondence with the BossContent writers (Mark, Nicole, Jon, Noah, and Tom). At the end of the book, you’ll find an email address where you can send your questions and ideas about getting started as a Freelance Warrior. Ask questions that you feel comfortable allowing us to publish in our next e-book. We will publish your questions and our answers in a sequel to Moment of Legitimacy.

  • Why does some of the money go to the Environmental Defense Fund?

    The freelance warrior supports environmental charities, because the environment is where all the gig-getting happens! No environment, no gigs!

    The donation to charity is also a demonstration for you to follow. Customers need to be able to feel good about their purchase decisions. Getting gigs is not just about having qualifications. Set up a situation where the client will feel proud of the decision to choose you for the gig.

Way of the Freelance Warrior

Not long ago, the idea to be a professional writer was a far-fetched, childish aspiration -- like being an astronaut or a rockstar. But the Internet has changed everything. If you are the kind of person who loves the idea of getting paid to write, you need to know this new landscape.

 Crossing language barriers: While giving clients more access to freelancers, the Internet also causes a planet-wide change called ‘globalization’ which mixes all the cultures together and creates a situation where a lot of people need help to express themselves effectively in English.

 Content marketing: Even if someone is already a great communicator, she still needs to hire you. In general, hiring great writers gives people a competitive advantage, so their competitors also hire writers in order to keep up. The nature of Internet marketing is that ‘content is king’, and that means anyone who wants to promote anything online needs to generate a steady stream of text content. They need help from excellent writers who will regularly publish fresh, original text content online.

 Celebrity/corporate gigs: You can get good gigs when you have strong “web presence”. Start doing some freelance gigs and blogging to promote your brand, and it will only take a few months to build a strong web presence. When it’s possible for someone to search Google for your brand and see a whole page full of interesting search results, you’re ready to start reaching out and soliciting some celebrities and big, corporate clients.

 Dissertation/thesis help: Academic writing is in huge demand, and you should probably look into it. Higher education is like a giant, money-making machine. There is so much money going into it, people can afford to pay a little extra and get help from a great writer. Some writers have ethical hangups about helping people write their papers, and that’s good, because it leaves more of these awesome academic writing gigs for the rest of us.

 Everything else: Almost everyone I know could benefit by hiring a writer. One person in particular really needs to hire an assistant to help manage accounts for his work as a project manager. Another is a nurse trying to complete her doctoral degree. They are struggling, and they would like to hire a writer, but they will not do it until they experience a moment of legitimacy when YOU point out how much you can help them.

For people who care about anything, life is a scary challenge. The freelance warrior is someone who chooses to run right at it.