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The Content We Create is Not Important

The response it elicits is important. When we find the words that elicit good feelings, we are creating value. Customers benefit immediately in the moment when they experience our content, because it feels good. They feel energized.

Language Psychology involves controlling the responses elicited in other people by what we write and say.

In ancient China, someone noticed something about content:

The content is not what we love in this life. We chase after the content, but our reward comes from the emptiness, not the content.

Usefulness comes from the spaces between the elements of content.

In the space between elements of content about your brand, customers feel the ache of wanting – wanting to know more, wanting to try it out, wanting to tell a friend. This tension is an important part of customer satisfaction.

All pleasure comes from tension

Think about the most fun you’ve ever had. What memory comes to mind? Adventures with friends, the excitement of dating, or a fierce battle against another team – all pleasure involves tension and resolution.

We see it whenever someone plays peek-a-boo with a baby. Even as babies, we find pleasure in the creation of exciting tension – and then resolution. When people have fun and feel good, it’s always because of some kind of tension and release.

Capture the reader by creating tension. One way us to incite some curiosity.

“I’ve never seen an email like the one I got from Boston Boss.”

It’s not what I expected! I like it.”

Curiosity creates tension. All satisfaction depends on the tension that precedes it. The wanting is better than the having. Tension is the first part of fun. The second part is the resolution.

Your call-to-action is the visitor’s chance to resolve the tension.

Your call-to-action should be connected to the tension your content builds. For example, you may be wondering what I will say when I reply to your email.  How might I reply when you email and tell me about the goal you’re trying to achieve?

There’s no harm in sending a quick message to tell us about the goal you’re trying to achieve:

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