Primacy of Mind

Someone I love (and feel protective of) lays awake at night thinking too much and experiencing terrible dread. Someone you love does, too.

These short videos (mostly audio) will give you quick blasts of knowledge from modern physics, ancient wisdom traditions, philosophy of mind, and concepts that can help us explain to our friends the insight at the heart of idealism (an alternative to the hopelessness of modern, orthodox materialism).

There is reason for hope, even though we don’t believe in traditional religious ideas. Many brilliant scientists and philosophers believe in the primacy of consciousness.

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Most modern people believe they’ll be completely gone at the end of their lives, so they think nothing really matters. But what if Mind really is “primary”? Some meditation practitioners gain the insight that we’re all one collective consciousness experiencing itself from so many perspectives, with birth and death as horizons at the outer limit of what we can fathom.

That means we need to constantly try to improve the quality of our consciousness. It means you have an obligation to work as hard as you can to take pain out of the world and make things better. If there’s one mind at the foundation of things, there is a big problem because life is full of suffering. We need to make it better.

About me

My name is Jay. I’m a content writer who builds brands for businesses and individuals. My website is In my spare time, I constantly obsess over the nature of existence. I started as a way to share the best information I find about the primacy of mind. I hope you’ll also share them. Humanity is in big trouble if it succumbs to hopeless nihilism. Actually, it matters what we do! And we may not lose our loved ones after all.

About these short videos (mostly just audio):

These quick videos will give you the knowledge you need for explaining concepts from A. C. Ewing, Atheistic idealism, Buddhist scripture, and meditation practice. It’s the stuff I’m interested in learning. Charles Sanders Pierce, Chogyam Trungpa, Donald Hoffman, when I study the work of an important philosopher or scientist, I’ll make a video to share what I learned. Thich Nhat Hanh, Schelling, Schopenhauer. Let me bring you with me while I take wisdom from Berkeley, Hegel, Josiah Royce, Carl Jung, Immanuel Kant, and others whose work I want to understand more.

I’ll discuss everything from objective vs subjective idealism to Panpsychism, Pragmatism, and Peter Russell. Plato. Keith Ward, Kierkegaard, Krishnamurti. Rupert Sheldrake, Taoist cosmology, and a lot of the most modern scientific advancements that have implications for primacy of mind.

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