Authentic, Affordable Video Content

We keep it simple, and we keep it real. BostonBoss offers affordable, original video content by inspired artists. It might be raw and unedited, so it has the realism that people like. It will not look like a high-budget video that costs thousands to make.

The video will be 30 seconds like.
The video will have one person in it, or it will be an animated video (your choice).
The value we provide comes from authenticity.

Please take the Affordable Video Content Oath:

I solemnly promise not to be upset if my video content looks a little different from what I expected. I understand that freelancers always provide content a little different from what the client expects. We have to let them have some autonomy to express themselves creatively, and it’s from that inspired content that we get real value.

The content will not be edited to Hollywood quality. It will look like some ordinary people took some time to make a video. It may even have some flaws. But it will have the realism people love, but it will also look like a low-budget quality.

Video Creation ($119)

However, if you want video/audio editing and effects added to a video, we can arrange that or an additional fee. Other options available for more money include:

 Duration longer than 30 seconds.

 More than one person in them.

 Special effects.

 Original music composed for your brand.

  Various artistic media, such as watercolor or pastel styles.

These jobs cost more, and the people involved with your project will try to exceed your expectations.