The Freelance Warrior Typing Meditations

16 Oct

(Something to do while you procrastinate)

It’s a good idea to try the typing mediations at because they can help you stay focused on your goal long enough to type some useful content for your brand and take a big step forward toward success.

This particular meditation is not like the others. It’s not about any particular topic or task.  In this meditation, I hope you’ll just experiment with typing any ideas that arise in the mind.

There is no particular goal, other than to REMEMBER what is most important to you.

And that mysterious entity we call the subconscious mind….

Already knows what is most important to you

And knows how to turn it into a community of like minded people.

Already knows how to monetize it so you can make plenty of money.

The mind already knows what you should do. What should you do to build this brand? How can we add one piece to the puzzle right now?

Remember that a brand is just an idea.  Ideas are invisible!  So the only way your brand can take for is in the form of some content.

As you sit here listening, you might get some great ideas and PAUSE the audio, so you can type them.  Maybe the person will pause the audio, but this great state of mind will go on interrupted, and you can type the notes that will be come your web content and social media content.

If you are the sort of person who is open to new experiences, that’s what makes you want to create your own business or brand.  But it also means you’re the kind of person who thinks about many different things. So it’s important to use a method that locks the person’s focus onto the task at hand.

A good first step while you get ready to create you business or brand, is just to explore the subconscious mind. As yourself, what is the most important idea I want to share with the people who will support my brand?

You and I are supposed to work together to put your person into a meditative state of mind. Sometimes this state of mind is called a trance.  And my person has to be in a kind of trance in order to say the words that send your person into a trance.

Maybe you will find that your person keeps constantly thinking of all kinds of things, and the incessant thinking prevents the person from going into a meditative state of mind.  The thinking is prolific, but it is superficial.

Sometimes when a person doesn’t let go, and relax into a trance, the resistance just makes it deeper relaxation. The more he tries to resist the trance, the more he settles into heavy stillness and relaxation, and it’s okay to just settle into it.

Maybe I take a deep breath to clear my mind and body.

I might talk about random things. The number ten, the colors blue and black.

The person going into a trance, might notice random things. Feeling both feet on the floor, and sitting exactly that way, and it’s okay to be very still. Breathing in, feeling cool air at the tip of the nose, breathing out feeling warm air at the tip of the nose.

Now, you know the reason we are doing this typing meditation is to give your person an opportunity to find out what is the business she or he is going to create?  What are the words you will put out in the internet to tell people about it?

Thinking about the message of your brand.. is no simple task.  But when the perfect idea appears in the mind, you recognize it instantly!

The mind is not the brain. The mind may be a field that extends far beyond the brain and body.  We can explore the farthest reaches of the mind and find the words to tell people about your brand.

To do that, we allow the person to drop into a state, so perfectly quiet and still, like floating in empty space, millions of miles away.  Listening, now, sitting there, your person goes into a pure, clear state of mind.

Something shifted, you entered deeper state of relaxation. Right now you might feel a certain sensation. I always wonder whether someone is aware of sensations in the body when they relax right down to the bone. Through the bone.

It’s okay to let your attention rest on the feeling of breathing in, or breathing out. And it rests on the way the body feels, right now that’s a very stable posture, and it’s okay to let some attention rest on the way the body feels, and on the sound of the words.

While listening to this mediation, you might ask yourself, “What do I hope people will tell their friends about my brand?” It depends on what is important to you. If you want to sell your products, or promote a good cause, or start an online community.. whatever it is, you will need to know what you want to see happen.

And whole you listen, these typing meditations may trigger important thoughts to arise in the mind.

I might talk quickly, and it doesn’t even matter if you hear every word. Or if the words make sense, doesn’t even really matter if you let the mind go into a deep trance.

The lungs are elastic tissue, so breathing in.. gives the lungs a gentle stretch.

And now the person’s settled into a deeper state of relaxation.

The sound of these words is something a person can feel in the center of the chest, like the heart is on fire, excited about what is most important.

Going deep like that, a trance is a state of mind that makes it possible to suddenly remember something forgotten a long time ago.

Listening, the person might remember the important idea that is at the heart of the brand you are about to create.

It’s possible for a person to just listen, breathe deeply, and go into a trance.

And if the person is comfortable, it’s easy to just let go and connect with what I’m saying.

That’s why in hypnosis, they say, ‘listen to the sound of my voice.’

Maybe the person going into trance wants to see how deep she can go, and find out what happens when there is total stillness. And see what happens.

My words, the words you’re hearing now, FILL UP the attention so it can stop wandering… and rest.

There’s a feeling like fire in the center of the chest, like breathing stretches the heart open and the person feels a tingling of electricity moving through the body.

Listening to someone… can be like an emotional roller coaster, even in normal conversation. A person says, “[name] and there’s a feeling that rises in the body when.

The suggestions I offer, these words, help the person find a balance, a position of absolute stillness and stability.  And in that stable posture, you can recollect everything you already know about your brand, AND what it will look like when the internet is full of useful content published under your brand name.

The more articles you publish, the more social media accounts you open under your brand name, the more legitimacy you will have with customers.

You say to yourself:

I’m feeling curious, what will it look like when I have written some articles about my products and services?

I’m curiouser and curiouser, watching my mind to see what happens next.

And I say to myself, when I stop talking, in the silence the trance becomes even better.


I’ll say one word, and after that a few seconds of silence.

The word is:


You person sits in stillness and remembers all the ideas that are most important to you.  The ideas that will become the inspiration for your brand.

And now you have this stillness…


Now you can pause the audio and type some sentences.

Type a sentence right now that you could say to a friend to explain the main idea behind your brand.

You take with you when you are wide awake, coming out of the trance. That stillness is helpful when you come out of the trance now, maybe feeling better and alert, awake. The person is coming out of the trance, and she still has that stillness, waking up wide awake and feeling pretty excellent.

After the typing meditation, you can sit and write a blog post, or set up a Twitter media account under your brand name, or do anything that will help your brand to take form. Thinking about the people in your target audience, it’s easy to know what problems they are trying to solve, with your help. What goals are they trying to achieve, with your help?  Thinking about the work you want to do, you can imagine precisely how you will help the people who support your brand.

If you found some great ideas during this typing meditation, I hope you’ll do something to start your brand.  And you can find more meditations like this one at the Freelance Church page of