Small Package ($45)

Choose one of these options:

We will review & improve your existing content.

An artist will create a painting of your logo.

We will write one informative keyword article about a topic of interest to your target audience (300 words for your website, blog, or Facebook page)

Medium Package ($195)

Review Article: We’ll write a 300 words review article

Editing: We’ll improve your existing content.

Art: An artist will draw a painting of your logo to give it a new look.

Ideas: Three new ideas for slogans, taglines, or headlines.

Content: We’ll write 300 words for your website or a promotional article

Large Package ($224 per week for six weeks)

We will create an entire website just to drive traffic to your website. For example, it will be an informative website that offers helpful tips and recommends you.

We will make three posts on your website so the search engines will recognize it as a source of fresh, relevant content.

We will write three articles about your product or service and publish them to the Internet.

We will start a Youtube Channel and add three simple videos. The videos will not be professionally edited, but you can pay more to have them enhanced in any ways you choose.

We will start a social media account on any website you choose (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) and make 21 posts to build your web presence.

Video Creation ($119)

It’s nice when people search to learn about your company and see that there are videos about you. Get a video testimonial, produce review, animated video, or informational/spokesperson video. It will be simple, unedited, and only 30 seconds long, but it goes a long way toward improving your brand’s web presence. If you want editing and effects added later we can arrange it and provide a price quote.

We will upload the video to Youtube, also host it at Boston Boss, and provide it to you.

Website Creation ($395)

Original WordPress website with ABOUT, PORTFOLIO, BLOG, CONTACT.

Three blog posts to get it started. (300 words each)

Five great images.

A simple contact form

Two email addresses like name@yourwebsite.com

Other services:

A review article published to www.ReviewsByJay.com ($95)

A video review of your product or service.  $195

A new reddit account with 10 posts relevant to your target market.

A website for your product or service $365.