“Choose a name for your brand.” A Freelance Warrior Typing Meditation

04 Oct

Each of the Freelance Warrior typing meditations can take you a step closer to creating a business or brand.

Even if you’re not trying to sell anything online, it’s good to brand yourself and create a website like www.YourName (dot com) to show your resume and a portfolio of your work.

Maybe you had a great idea about a website or brand, but you have not taken the steps to make it a reality.  If you do take some steps, you might build some momentum and find yourself in business.

All you have to do is listen to Typing Meditation #1 and type the ideas that arise in the mind. The first typing meditation is about choosing a name for your business or brand.  It’s okay if the brand name is not perfect. You might create a lot of brands, so don’t be worrying that this brand will “define” you. If you try too hard to make it perfect, you’ll be blocked.  It’s better start with an approach like “quantity is more important than quality” because you can edit later to improve the quality.

The typing meditations have useful suggestions to help the person stay in a meditative state of mind and create content with the energy of mindfulness.  It will helps the person stay focused on one concept that will be at the heart of the brand s/he is creating.

You’ll find yourself typing content you can use on your website, Facebook Business Page, or other social media for your brand. Soon, you’ll realize the content you type is your brand.  A brand is made up of the content you publish to the Internet and distribute to your contacts.

Pause the audio any time the person has an important idea.  Ideas arise in the mind like dreams, and then they fade from memory.  Don’t just let them float by.  The way to remember the most important ideas is to record them immediately when they arise.   You can pause the audio and type up your most useful ideas immediately when they arise – and share them with people in your target audience.

Typing Mediation #1 (Transcript)

Thanks for listening to the typing meditations at BossContent.net

I appreciate the time you’re spending, and I hope you’re about to get some useful ideas.

Right now you can open a new blank document and be ready to type when you notice an idea taking form in your mind.  Be ready to put this audio on pause whenever you need time to type some ideas you want to share with your target audience.

The person’s livelihood is a matter of life-and-death, and if some employer is able to leverage that livelihood against you, that’s when you go to war.  Your livelihood is not just your own; it’s also how you take care of the people you care about. Someone who leverages that against you is the enemy. There are times when it’s appropriate to fight, and this is one of those times. Work hard with single-minded focus to develop your brand, so you can sell products and services when you need to make more money or when you need to earn a living without relying on an employer.

This is a guided meditation, so don’t listen to it while driving or while, YOURE doing something, that requires your full attention.

A guided meditation can help the person settle into stillness, with a high-quality state of mind. If you want your brand to give people a good feeling, get yourself into a great state of mind while you come up with the content that will determine the personality of your brand.

Let’s start by taking a breath and noticing how it feels, at the nose, in the throat, rushing into the chest, expanding the chest and the abdomen.  And let’s get your person sitting upright, you might have a feeling like every inhalation straightens the person’s spine.

I’m going to allow the breath to become a little deeper, and allow the person’s spine to gently stretch, from the top of the head all the way down, to the tailbone.

It’s important to stay ready to pause this meditation and type some ideas, because you might not remember your most important ideas.  Your most important ideas are like dreams that you forget and then remember, forget and then remember.  Your most important ideas fade from the mind and then re-occur to you from time to time, isn’t that true?  Life keeps us too busy to actualize our most important ideas, isn’t that what happens?

If you make some time, you can create something new based on your most important talents and ideas, and it will be something that makes the world a little more interesting, or less painful, for all of us.

If you’re listening to this, you probably are the sort of person who knows what mindfulness is, probably already noticed how great things can feel when you practice mindfulness.

If you take a small amount of attention away from what you are doing and direct it to your breathing, you are practicing mindfulness. Right now, you are using a small amount of attention to keep the person sitting upright and you’re using a larger amount of attention to listen. I’m suggesting that you can also allow some of the attention to rest on the person’s breathing.

Starting your own small business or brand makes it possible to design your own work in a way that enables you to stay in a great state of mind.  If you want freedom in your work, if you want to practice mindfulness, you need to be able to decide what kind of work you want to do, every day, what kind of work will be meaningful and enable you stay in the stillness of the present moment, always in a perfect state of mind.

And right now while you listen, you can let the person’s attention hang on every sentence, and it sends you into a great state of mind, focused and relaxed.

The person might start to notice new ideas arising in the mind, and they’ll be ideas that have the energy of mindfulness.

When I rest some attention on the feeling of breathing, expanding the chest and abdomen every time the person inhales, and contracting when the person exhales, it naturally causes the person to drop into a different state of mind. Everything becomes steady and precise and gentle, and all the objects in my field of vision seem to fit together perfectly.

Mindfulness practice makes it possible to experience new states of mind.

When you pay attention to the breathing and feel a shift of focus, the person will drop into a different state of mind, that means the person is going into meditation.  The person is moving into a narrowed state of focus in which it’s possible to solve problems or achieve goals by getting ideas from the subconscious mind.

Inhaling cool air, the person feels cool air at the tip of the nose.  It’s okay if you don’t go into a deep state of meditation right now, but you might begin to feel the tingling electric energy that some meditation practitioners call the energy of mindfulness.

Breathing out, the person feels warm air at the tip of the nose. This tingling energy the person feels, it’s the energy of mindfulness and it generates new ideas, and from this state of mind you can make some plans for your business or brand.

When you come up with a name for your brand and begin to offer products and services, why are you doing it? I’ll tell you why, it’s because you want to control your livelihood, so you can control your state of mind. If you depend on an employer, you don’t get to control the kind of work you do every day.

And it’s easy to drop into a deep state of mind, happens faster than people think.  Right now, in this moment the person might be wondering if a subtle trance is beginning to develop, and the wondering itself becomes hypnotic. Swirling patterns of wondering, and listening, sitting upright breathing, and allowing the mind to wonder in all directions while the body sits in stillness.

When a person practices mindfulness, there’s a feeling in the body like electric energy.  It’s like the body is supercharged with electricity, and you feel like you want to do things in a way that is gentle and precise.  The person’s breathing has become slow and gentle.  The person’s typing is also gentle and precise.

Everyone who practices meditation begins to experience daily life as an adventure, in a sense, because they move forward to really occupy the present moment, not watching it from afar but really being in it. It’s as if a heavy 2-dimensional SLAB of reality is in your face right now, you see it pressing against you, just a big wall of reality and you feel the weight of it. Everything you see in this moment is like a thick slab of reality in your face, and you feel great being immersed in it. This is it.  This is the experience. The weight of life is pressing against you and it breaks the rigid shell that was keeping you separate from everything.

Now, breaking open, the person is reconnected with the rest of the world, all seven energy centers open and it’s like floating in vast, open space.

You create your own brand so you can do what you want.  Maybe you want to start a restaurant, or maybe it’s an online store maybe you’re a writer or artist with a portfolio of your best work; or maybe you’re a professional and you want to brand yourself, and get a website like www your name .com.

And you might pause to ask yourself, “What will I enjoy doing every day?” “What kind of business will make a positive impact on the world and make me a lot of money so I can look out for myself and my important people?” And you enjoy the simplicity of breathing, gentle and relaxed breathing, while those questions float around in your mind.

What are you all about?  When you tell someone what you do for a living, they make sense of you by thinking of you like that’s what you’re all about. When you tell them about a new brand you created, then they feel even more strongly that the brand is what you are all about.  So, what are you all about, and what does the person who is you… do?  What does this person do?

P a u s e ….

What is the thing you do best, and how can you use that talent to make the world a more interesting place? Or decrease the amount of suffering? How can you do that?

And the ask yourself honestly, “Is that the kind of work I want to do every day? Am I willing to do that work?”

If you know what you’re good at and how to use that talent in a way that improves the world, good for you.  But is it something you’re willing to do?  And can you do it in a way that makes enough money?

Whatever your idea is, the first step is to choose a name for your brand.

So you ask yourself, what am I all about? What do I do best? Am I willing to do it?  And when you know all those things, you reach deep into the subconscious mind and wait for that word, what is that word, what does this person who is you, what does this person choose as a name for a brand?

Choose a name for your brand, because having your own brand enables you to control your livelihood.

Now maybe you’ve already chosen a name for your brand, or maybe you haven’t decided for sure.  But let’s keep making progress and take the first step now.

What can I do today to get a little closer to having a legitimate, trusted brand?  I’ll tell you a secret right now, the way to create a legitimate, trusted brand is to create some content that is truly useful to the people in your target audience.

So who are the people that will buy your product, or hire you?  What are those people trying to do? If your brand is right for those people, you will know how to make a list of useful ideas to share with those people you want to target.

And it’s okay if you don’t yet see a clear vision of what your business will look like.  All you need to know is, What do you want to do? And when you know what you want to do, your job is to just find out, “What is the first step? What is one thing I can do today to move in the direction of launching my business?”

Maybe you will think of a lot of things you can do.  Just press pause on this audio, and make a list of steps to take.  Type up a list of things to do while you still remember them.  I hope you take a moment to show me the list, too. Email it to me.  I want to see the list you make while your person listens to this meditation.

So again let’s consider, what am I all about, what do I do really well, how can I use my talent to make money and make the world more interesting.  And what do you sell? What service do you provide? You know what you’re all about, so what do you sell? What do you do?

I’ll tell you what you don’t do.

We don’t fall into the trap of believing we need to rely on an employer. If you have an employer, that’s fine as long as you’re doing it because you like it. But don’t do it because you think you’re unable to be in business for yourself.

And why does everyone think starting a business requires a big investment? People say that all the time, and it’s not true. If you buy something from one person and sell it to another, you are already in business! So have some fun with it, and choose a name for your brand.

I take offense when an organization tries to make a person very dependent and draws the person into a long-term commitment.  When a company starts people at minimum wage and dangles an opportunity for $20 per hour if they stay for ten years, that’s too much advantage for the employer. There are some employers that work people very hard and offer them benefits and opportunity for advancement that is only accessible if the person stays with the company for a long time.  It may seem alright, and it works for a lot of people, but it’s not the best way.

The best way to have a livelihood is to create your own brand(s) and promote them. Don’t go all crazy and invest a lot of money; just start a Facebook Business page, what are you waiting for.  You don’t even need to have a website at first.  Just think of a name for your brand.  And your brand name does NOT have to be perfect.  You can change it next week if you want.

It might be good to pause right now and ask yourself, “What product would I want to sell? Or, what service do I want to offer?” Ask yourself, “Is it possible for me to sell products and also offer a service?”

You might pause and ask yourself, “What do I want to do with my time, every day, in the hours I spend to earn a living?”

And what would be the name of your brand, if you started one?

A grocery store might be called price chopper to let people know the prices are low.  What do you want to let people know with your brand name?

A long time ago, someone told me he would like to start a grocery store called “Food Yummy”.  I think that brand name suggest to people that shopping at my friend’s grocery store would be fun.

I hope you will think of a brand name that is compelling. What does it mean when something is compelling? It means that it compels the reader to become curious.

After you create a facebook business page, it’s fine to keep working at your ordinary job and think about your brand once in a while, whenever you have time. Promote your brand for a few months, or even a few years, and stay at your job until you’ve built a great brand with strong web presence and a lot of useful articles for your target audience. In order to promote your brand, you just need to know what to do. I’m going to tell you what to do in these meditations.

Each time you listen to a typing meditation, you can take a breath and allow the body to relax. Release all tension.

You might find that while listening, the person goes into a powerful stillness, heavy and light at the same time, startled into stillness and everything is perfectly balanced.

Now, maybe the person is sitting in a chair, and the person listens, hoping to reach an excellent state of mind and find some insight about how to succeed in creating a brand, fun and money, lots of fun and lots of money, a brand that will get you to your goal.  The person is starting to feel like this state of mind is almost too vast, spacious and free, it’s wide open and the free falling, not falling through space but free falling into stillness, with a breath you send the person free falling into perfect stillness.

When the person started this mediation, on a scale of one to ten, the person’s state of mind was maybe a 1, or a 2, feeling relaxed and energized focus. Then it becomes a 3, and the person begins to hear the voice of the intuition.  Breathing deeply and relaxing the muscles, it gets to a level 4, and the body becomes soft and relaxed, upright and fresh like a flower. Allowing the person to breath so slowly, and it will get to level 5, a profound state of where the person and the world are all one thing, and it’s all you, and it’s all good.

This seems to be the ultimate state of stillness and aliveness in a single moment, perfectly experiencing this moment, one ongoing moment. Level 6.

And as you settle in, and you feel okay about this new state of mind, vast open spacious stillness, the person seems to fade into nothingness and you are perfectly spacious and free.  Level 7 relaxation in a vast, spacious place.

Now, somehow, the you go into an even deeper state of mind. Level 8, level 9, it would almost be too much to take, but there is nothing and nothingness is nice, and it’s not nothing because here we are.

And from this spacious place, it’s possible, at settle into this free fall, and in a spacious state of mind, level 8 and level 9, ideas arise from the subconscious mind so you can glimpse them with he conscious mind.  Pause this audio, and write them down, because now we open wide and break open. Level 10, it’s the mind that knows exactly what to do. So the person can pause this audio and stay in this wide open state of mind as long as possible.

Resume the audio when you want to finish the mediation.

There’s no need to come all the way out of the trance.  People with wisdom stay a little entranced all the time.  If you need to feel more wide awake, have your person jump around. You don’t need me to tell you, Come out of the trance. You can control your person, and you can control your life.  That’s what freelancing is all about.

Gradually now, you will start to return to your most focused, wide awake, firy focused state of mind, perfectly balanced.  This is when the person will do what needs to be done.

Typing Meditation #1 CHALLENGE:

During the next 24 hours, the person will reflect on ideas discussed in this meditation.

  1. Choose a brand name that inspires you. Make it something easy for people to spell.
  2. When the time is right, the person might think of a sentence you can show people, a memorable sentence that explains the main idea behind your brand.
  3. Go to Facebook, create a Facebook business page with the name of your brand, and add that memorable sentence.

Don’t overthink it.  Just go to Facebook and start a Facebook Business page.  You have 24 hours to take the first step, ready set go.  You can create a FB business page, or start a subreddit, or type up a description of your brand. Because a brand isn’t anything other than an idea. When you name your idea, it becomes a brand.  Then, use it to make money.